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Where from here?

Times Uuncertain

Trouble with friends

Go and make disciples

Deposit guarantee

Belonging to the Lord

Have you not understood yet?

State of Christianity today

Judgement of Nations

Logic or spirit of God

Spirit of the Lord Moving

Seeking the lost

Wake UP

Who are you Following

Only by the spirit

So you say you are a Christian?


Cry Me A River

False words

A challenge for todays churches

why you must be born again

How to become a Christian

Eternal outlook

Concerens for Methodist church and others

personal Sin/personal salvation


Title --Blank Page

Cupcakes and Roses

Thoughts on Tribulation

Courage to speak

Fly Swatter

Windshields or rear-view mirrors


Cheap Grace

What has called you to this writing?

Joining churches


Humpty Dumpty

Methodist church's Corner

Writings to Church -Part 1

Writings to Church Part 2

Thoughts on today's church

Things Not Preached

Today's Church

What are you trusting for salvation?

Body of Christ Wind of Spirit

Those that want to know Truth

Reasons for Tribulation

Age of Gentiles Part 1

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